A platform that provides support and assistance to initiatives involved in the transition to a new paradigm committed to restoring healthy relationships between people, communities and nature.



Dissolve artificial borders and re-establish interdisciplinary connections, personal and community, so that people can develop the ability to connect with themselves, others and the landscapes of the environment through successive stages.
Prioritize creativity as the core of human expression, encouraging and stimulating harmony and beauty to achieve a balance between our interior and exterior.
Provide tools for non-verbal expression of knowledge (receptive, spiritual, emotional, intuitive, synthetic) through an artistic language, both holistic and symbolic. Use the healing power of this tools in marginalized communities.
Encourage cooperative / collaborative approaches to increase participation in decisions that help manage life for the common good.
Promote solidarity between people and living beings cohabiting the Earth through a profound respect for nature.
Support initiatives in tune with the transition movement, committed to environmental values and community by promoting environmental sustainability in life and work habits and using appropriate technology on a human scale.