Natural Plant Dyes and Pigments

Winter | 2015 | Lathuy | Belgium
Project and Graphic Design facilitating the project.
Visual communication via logos, stamps, labels, postcards, posters, leaflets and web page.

Lutea came to life in the hands of artisan Anne Sylvie Godeau. It combines her knowledge of plants and plant dyes with the traditional methods of extracting pigments. Working together from the start of the project gave it support and helped disseminate the essence of the work: its beauty, the quality of the products and the values it encapsulates.

The extra-fine Lutea colours originate from noble plant materials. Their pigments are extracted from plants chosen for their high quality dyes and lightfastness. Each watercolour is subjected to research and development, from the plant production to the grinding of pigments, which are carefully incorporated with first quality binding agents.