October 2010 | Bruxelles | Belgium
Sint-Lucas Architectuur (Brussel, België)

Students Architecture Master Traject REAL
Laia Sadurni – Visual Art

Concept and Guide Proposals
Sint-Lucas Architectuur Master Traject


Walking through urban space and paying attention to architectural surroundings (materials, shapes, acoustics, light…), reading the movement of people in the space (Choreographic crossovers and paths) and developing senses which can often be neglected (Smelling and Listening) to investigate our immediate spaces and surroundings and translate the experience graphically.
Through the synasthetic approach supported by sensory awareness and spatial perception the result is fixed in graphic notation evidencing the flows, rhythms and patterns in daily life environments.


How are we in relation to our immediate environment?  How does design and organisation affect us?

The walks offer moments of silence and contemplation in specific places of Brussels (Church, Train Station, Park…)
Students are faced with a different perception of places they already know and embody new sensations.
Through the guidelines – scores – the experience is translated into graphic signs compositions.

Te proposal aims to develop perception and awareness through:

Presence Being here and now. Primal attention to what is happening around and inside at the very moment.
Listening Active hearing / no filtering – no judgement / learning to compose with surrounding sounds in real time.
Movement through the space / urban landscapes.
Walking, transforming, growing by the constant flux of changes / bringing dynamism and meaning to actions.
Consciousness of personal and collective body / own body as an extension and integration of a wider system.

Creation and work with Scores /  Writing and communicating through codified language / Composition and interpretation

TRANSCRIPTION / Graphical Representation:
Drawing the experience filtered by the use of abstract self-made alphabet, including a repertory of signs and symbols with different types and qualities of lines, strength, shapes…